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The secret to being a great spy agency in the 21st century: Incubating startups
What happens when a top secret intelligence agency turns to entrepreneurs to help build new tools to protect a nation from cyberattacks? GCHQ found out.

Netatmo Smart Radiator Valve, First Take: Room-level remote control
Want to keep your home or office warm more cheaply this winter? Netatmo's remote control thermostatic valves let you take control of every room to reduce your heating bill.

Cloud computing: Getting bigger but more complicated too
The idea of one big cloud is being replaced with smaller clouds, shaped by local laws and needs.

Trojan malware attacks by North Korean hackers are attempting to steal Bitcoin
Researchers at Secureworks say trojan malware is being distributed in phishing emails using the lure of a fake job advert

Robots will soon be able to taste and smell your bad cooking
Aromyx has figured out how to digitize taste and smell. Now the company is teaming up with an experimental robotics lab.

UNSW unveils complete design of a silicon quantum computer chip
Engineers at the university have reworked silicon microprocessors to create a complete design for a quantum computer chip.

Hackers use Triton malware to shut down plant, industrial systems
The malware has been designed to target industrial systems and critical infrastructure.

TPG NBN 100 plan only hits 50Mbps at peak times as 25Mbps plan killed off
The telco has responded to the NBN wholesale price changes by removing its 25Mbps plan and revealing typical evening speeds.

The desire to be mobile sent Noosa Shire Council to the cloud
The council turned to TechnologyOne to help it transform its workforce into a mobile one.

This home for underprivileged coders will put the Indian government and IT industry to shame
NavGurukul is a shining example of how easy it is to tackle poverty and a lack of self-belief and skilling all in one shot if there is a deep desire and commitment to do so. If only someone in India was listening.

San Francisco mayor's death signals tougher times for tech
Mayor Ed Lee died of cardiac arrest earlier this week — it's likely the end of sweetheart tax deals for tech firms

Optus hauled to court over allegations of misleading NBN HFC customers
Optus misled customers by giving them a shorter timeframe to migrate to NBN services than contractually allowed, the ACCC has alleged, and by implying that they could only buy NBN services from Optus.

Ericsson to build Deutsche Telekom '5G-ready' network
Ericsson will provide RAN, baseband, multi-standard radios, and software and hardware solutions over the next five years to prepare and support Deutsche Telekom's 5G mobile network.

NASA uses Google machine learning for exoplanet detection
Neural networks have thrown up lots of false positives, but also previously undetected exoplanets.

Alphabet, Indian state partner to deploy new wireless internet tech
Alphabet X wants to help an Indian state connect 12 million households to the Internet by 2019 with new FSOC boxes that sit on rooftops and towers.

Denmark considers blockchain a new weapon in the fight for human rights
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has highlighted the potential for cryptocurrency to be used to transfer aid in a way less susceptible to corruption.

​South Korea aims for paperless society with wider e-document use
Around 1,400 laws that require physical paper reports from companies will be overturned, allowing for electronic documents.

Create digital workplaces that are age-agnostic
Walk into an office today and you'll find a diverse mix of employees from not only different cultures, but also different generations, working together.

​Naver to open patent of augmented strength robotic cart
Naver Labs will open the patent and design of AIRCART, a robotic cart with physical human-robot interaction technology, for third-party developments.

Amazon to begin selling Apple TV and Google Chromecast again
It's been two years since Amazon removed the Apple TV and Google Chromecast from its store to "avoid customer confusion."



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